• Ann Volkwein

Book Launch: Ramen Otaku

I first met Sarah Gavigan on a rainy, chilly day in SoHo. Skipping puddles all over the city, we quickly (speed is important) and loudly slurped hot bowl after bowl of ramen. With Sarah’s guidance it was easy to become hooked on these meticulously layered, extraordinarily varied, cauldrons of umami glory.

As a 4th generation Nashville native and former LA music licensing executive, Sarah has the natural storytelling of the best of her southern ancestors, combined with the Sisyphean grit of a Hollywood agent. It’s the perfect combination for both uncovering and intelligently spreading knowledge. Aren’t we all lucky, she’s a ramen otaku (a ramen geek in the best sense), who has logged hours perfecting vats of bone broth in her back yard while her family slept... Sarah treats her subject as a science (down to the amino acids), an art (she wants you to make it your own), and a mystery she was determined to crack. Master the basics of this beloved Japanese import, from stocks and fats to noodles and tares, then take it to the next level, at home. Find it here.

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