• Ann Volkwein

Book Launch: One Gun Ranch, Malibu

I had the pleasure to work in an editorial capacity with the inspirational Alice Bamford and Anne Eysenring, and the most talented ReganArts team, on this gorgeous, informative, and definitive book on the transformative (and very delicious) art of biodynamic living.

In the hills above Malibu, the dedicated stewards of One Gun Ranch have crafted a way of living that follows biodynamic principles---an ecological, ethical, and spiritual approach that reaches beyond organic to encompass the health of the very earth we stand on, and the plants, animals, and people it nourishes. Once you've recovered from the unavoidable lifestyle envy this lushly photographed book induces, dig into a fascinating smorgasbord of information relating to closed-loop systems, Supersoil creation, and eating your vitamins. Gather tips from 'gangsta gardener' and organic wine biodynamic heroes, alongside 'earth, air and water' strength and conditioning programs. And I haven't even gotten to the beautiful food yet... (so unlike me!). A few sample pages to tease you with below. Order One Gun Ranch here, my holistic (or trying their best to be holistic) minded friends.

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