• Ann Volkwein

Sweet Corn's Finale

As summer ends, sweet local corn still graces the local farm stands but haven't we all had enough of boiled or grilled corn on the cob by now? I'm a believer in less is more when it comes to fresh, local produce but it's time to get a bit more creative with the last of these sweet kernels. Try pan roasting the corn, in either a dry cast iron or lightly oiled saute pan, and give them a toss with fresh goat cheese and arugula, or bust out of the tomato salad or salsa pattern you're no doubt trapped in this time of year and make one with roasted corn, pineapple and black beans.

Sweet and fresh corn chowder with just the right amount of thyme and bacon is a creamy alternative, just as the nights begin to cool. And don't forget, now is the time to freeze a few bags of kernels for winter soups and sides.

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