• Ann Volkwein

Cool Stuff. Healthy Kids.

I'd like you to meet Tucan. A resource for anyone with a child in their life that they want to keep healthy and happy. My friends and I started what has grown into Tucan when our children were born. We couldn’t believe what was being sold for children; and what wasn’t available. If the early years are so critical, why isn’t everything organic? Where is the mindfulness and yoga for kids? The organic shampoo? Why does everything have cancer-causing toxins and flame retardants? The lack of transparency was pretty scary, and it's still a problem.

Our mission for Tucan is to unearth the best for kids–covetable nontoxic gear, delicious organic snacks, the most dedicated experts, and adorable organic fashion. So you can spend less time researching and more time with your extraordinary kids. Please share, and join the flock!

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